Our Expertise Accelerates Your Success


    Since 1992 we have pledged to providing superior quality components, a wide catalog of product, and rapid turnaround times to our customers. Our hard work and dedication have accelerated our customers’ success throughout Japan and since 2013, we pledge these same commitments to you in the Western Market with our new US-based distribution centers.
Allow us to show you how Cosmotec’s expertise will accelerate your success, today!

In order to provide you with superior products backed by quality service, we constantly refine our operations and question ourselves to ensure we’re providing best-in-industry solutions to your present needs and anticipate your future ones as well:

What are the headaches in your specific industry and how can our expertise help solve them?

What are the common industry-wide problems which  frequently delay production?

How can we innovative around these problems to serve you better?

To answer those questions and keep earning our reputation as a best-in-industry vacuum component provider, we pledge to always provide the following:

Superior Quality
We acutely understand that the quality of our product is instrumental to the quality of your end result. We commit to providing you with reliable, superior products that you can use with complete peace of mind.

Rapid Turnaround
Catalog-standardized products are always in stock at our distribution center and we deliver your order in a speedy and timely manner, often shipping the same day.

Wide Selection
We will always provide a comprehensive range of products, competitively priced, from highly versatile standardized components to unique products designed for your specific requirements.”




Commitment To Quality and Environmental Protection

Our sincere intention is to earn the trust of our customers and contribute to society

Fundamental principle
    We at Cosmotec are fully committed to quality and environmental initiatives based on the following basic principles in our business activities of procuring, designing, manufacturing, and selling products requested by customers.

Basic policy

  1. We understand the needs and expectations of our customers and provide products that meet their requirements.
  2. We accurately assess the impact of our business activities on the environment and strive to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. We comply with quality, environmental laws and other regulatory requirements.
  4. We continuously check and improve the effectiveness of our integrated quality and environmental management system through internal audits and management reviews.
  5. We educate and enlighten all employees on our integrated quality and environmental management system.
  6. We set quality and environmental targets based on the above basic philosophy and policy.
  7. This policy will always remain posted on our website for your review and confirmation, and we invite you to reach out to us at for any questions about our policy and principles.